What is the difference between knowledge management, information architecture, and business strategy? All three disciplines intersect, along with many other familiar business practices: customer relationship management, resource management, business process optimization, project management, change management, etc....

The question ought not to be where the boundaries are between the disciplines but what are the goals the company is trying to achieve? Each of the standard business functions focuses on a different aspect of the larger busines environment. Knowledge management and information architecture are more generalized because they can and ought to be applied to the processes and information that pass through all of the other disciplines. The focus of Business Strategy is to set the overall goals that drive all initiatives.

It is beneficial to match Business Strategy with Knowledge Management and Information Architecture specifically because many of the investigative methodologies in these two disciplines are essential to effectively identify the drivers, constraints, and criteria that define a company's business objectives.

The following articles provide some guidance for common strategic business issues:

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