Andrew Gent

Andrew Gent is an information architect and poet.

Professionally, I've worked in high tech for 30 plus years playing the role of technical writer, project leader, knowledge management consultant and user experience and interface designer. Essentially, I am an architect: I design things (and often implement them too) including documentation, training, knowledge management systems, user interfaces, and web sites.

I am also a poet. My first book, [explicit lyrics], won the 2016 Miller Williams poetry prize and is available from the University of Arkansas Press.

I am not a game designer. But I enjoy playing games and spend some of my time experimenting with various video game ideas.

Like my desk at home, this website can be a little messy and disorganized at times. It contains experiments, demos, and random thoughts. Look through the contents if you are interested.

Finally, I share my thoughts on various topics in my blog, incredibly dull. I also have a blog I use as a notebook for exercises and experimental poems, which is also called radiopoets (just to be confusing).